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Frequently Asked Questions

Popular Questions

How can I fund my account?

You can add funds using a bank transfer. In order to do so, please supply your bank with Sonaf's bank details which were communicated to you upon the opening of your account.

How much do I need in my account to trade with Sonaf?

At Sonaf all FX daily rolling bets are automatically rolled every evening at 20:00 (London Time).

Rolling over a spot FX bet involves the closing of the bet for that day and the re-opening of a new position for the next trading day. The overnight charge (known as Tom Next) plus a Sonaf admin charge is applied to the account the following business day and appears as a cash ledger credit or debit.

For example:

- Client buys ( goes long ) GBP/USD 1 GBP per point at a price of 1.6000.
- Assume UK Base rates are currently 2% with US rates at 1%.
- Hypothetically the position should earn 1% (+ 2% on the GBP holding minus 1% on the USD).
- GBPUSD Tom Next = short -0.7 ; long -0.6
- Client closes GBPUSD position at 1.6000 Having bought (gone 'Long') GBPUSD the charge would be calculated thus;
Long GBPUSD Tom Next + Sonaf admin charge
-0.6 + 0.88 = 0.28

In this example the client would pay 0.28 pips, which when multiplied by the stake would pay 0.28 GBP for a single night roll. Over a weekend clients are charged/credited for each day they hold the position (3 days) but will only incur one Sonaf admin charge.

Should you require any further information please contact your account manager.

How to place a trade?

Find the market in which your want to trade.

Click on Tools then on New Order in the top bar, or simply press F9, it should open your trade ticket.

Then, you will have to select the size of the position and select your direction by pressing BUY or SELL

What is the difference between placing a trade and placing a new order?

A trade means that you are buying and selling the product at the level quoted on the platform at that time. Once you click on buy or sell you have entered that the trade instantly.

Please note prices quoted are subject to confirmation by Sonaf. Due to the nature and speed of movements in the Underlying Market, the price indicated may not necessarily be the exact price available to open or close a Trade.

When placing an order to enter you are specifying at what level you wish to enter in to a trade. This order will be pending in your order book until the price you have specified is reached. Only then will you be triggered in to a trade.

MetaTrader 4 Questions

What ID will I require to open a live account?

If required to do so customers may have to supply evidence of their address and identity. We accept documents from the list below and our New Accounts team will advise on what is required in each individual circumstance.

Documents that identify the individual:

- Current signed passport
- Inland Revenue tax notification

Documents that verify the individuals address:

- Recent utility bill no older than 3 months old
- Bank, building society statement or passbook dated within the last three months
- Local Authority tax bill (valid for the current year)

What base currencies can I have for my MT4 account?

Sonaf offer FX/CFD accounts with base currencies denominated in USD and EUR. The base currency can be selected in the application process.

Do you accept clients from the USA?

Sonaf is unable to open accounts from US citizens or residents.

I need to get the MT4 platform download link. Where can I get this?

The trading platform can be downloaded from the secure client area of the website

What does 1 Lot represent in MT4?


1 Lot equals 100,000 of the base currency and 0.1 of a lot equals 10,000 of the base currency e.g. 1 Lot GBPUSD is equal to GBP 100,000 or 0.1 of a lot of AUDUSD will equal 10,000 AUD.

Gold CFD

1 Lot equals 10 Troy Oz or 0.1 would equal 1 Troy Oz. 1 lots equal $1 per 0.1 or 0.1 of a lot equals $0.1 per 0.1.

Silver CFD

1 Lot equals 100 Troy Oz or 0.1 would equal 10 Troy Oz. 1 lots equals $1 per 0.01 or 0.1 of a lots equals $0.1 per 0.01

What is the liquidation level on MT4?

The MT4 liquidation level is set to 20%

How do I deposit funds on my MT4 account?

Funds can be added to your MT4 account instantly by logging into the secure client area on our website

Is the execution on your demo accounts identical to the Live account?

The prices and execution on the Demo Account are a close representation of the Live trading platform, but may not be a perfect representation due to differences in server load and performance, as Demo accounts operate from a different server to protect live trading clients.